Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Becket website: Everything you need to know about religious liberty

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Becket, the leading religious liberty law firm, launched its new website, featuring a comprehensive database for every case, issue and resource on religious liberty, displayed with bold images and cutting-edge design. The launch coincides with its new brand: Becket – Religious Liberty for All, to reintroduce Becket’s timeless mission to defend religious liberty for all faiths and in all areas – from individual rights to the public square – with a sleek, media-savvy look.

The interactive site can be viewed from all platforms, with a streamlined design that makes for straightforward and engaging access. New features include:
A new Track This Case feature allows you to stay up-to-date on latest case developments.
A comprehensive legal library spanning virtually every religious liberty case categorized by area of practice, such as free speech, education, the public square and more.
Becket’s top Supreme Court victories and other precedent-setting cases, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, Holt v. Hobbs, Hobby Lobby and Hosanna Tabor, called by the Wall Street Journal “among the most important religious liberty cases in a half century.”
Hundreds of case pages that delve into the stories of Becket’s clients of diverse faiths, such as Pastor Robert Soto of the Lipan Apache Tribe, a faithful Sikh Army Captain, two Muslim police officers, and a Santeria priest.
A wealth of primary legal sources and press releases for Becket cases.
Revamped resource databases such as HHS Information Central and RFRA Central, which each provide in-depth information and infographics regarding all lawsuits against the Health & Human Services mandate and all cases brought under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).
“As the go-to source for religious liberty, Becket is proud to provide the same wealth of information but in a more visually dynamic way, creating a more intuitive experience,” said Melinda Skea, communications director of Becket. “Our legal work has always been cutting edge, and now our website reflects the modern urgency and importance of our mission to defend religious liberty for all.’”
In February Becket unveiled a bold, modern logo with refreshed colors and updated its name to a shorthand and tagline: Becket – Religious Liberty for All. The new brand serves to reintroduce its timeless mission to protect religious freedom in a modern, media-savvy society.
Founded in 1994 by Kevin “Seamus” Hasson, Becket is the premier non-profit, public-interest religious liberty law firm in the U.S. and the only firm that protects the free expression of all religious traditions. Becket is supported by charitable donations and has a 100 percent win-rate before the United States Supreme Court.

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