Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Another woman being starved against her and her family's wishes

Please pray for Anastasia Adams, who is being starved to death at a Virginia nursing facility. Anastasia suffered a brain injury in 2005 and is wheelchair bound, but able to speak and interact with her family. Life Legal was contacted by her sister Yolanda, who has been caring for Anastasia for over 12 years.

Several months ago, Anastasia developed a large blood clot while in INOVA Hospital in Virginia. The hospital refused to treat her and ordered that Anastasia be discharged. When Yolanda refused to move her sister out of INOVA, the hospital took her took court and had their own guardians appointed to handle Anastasia’s care. The guardians sent Anastasia to a nursing home, where she suffered four injuries in two weeks, including a broken hip.

The guardians have refused to authorize treatment for Anastasia's injuries. Instead, they placed her in hospice care at a Golden Living nursing facility. The guardians obtained a court order prohibiting Yolanda from seeing her sister.

Yolanda has just learned that the facility is trying to starve Anastasia to death.

Here are two videos of Anastasia—one taken before she was admitted to the hospital and one taken at the nursing facility last Saturday showing Anastasia’s shocking decline:


"I miss my sister terribly,” said Yolanda Bell. “I can only imagine what she is going through, she must think I have abandoned her. I have trouble sleeping. I close my eyes and see her being beaten and abused. I hear her crying out in pain begging me to help her."

The family is Catholic and Anastasia has communicated that she wants to live. Yesterday, Yolanda tried to arrange for a priest to visit Anastasia, but the guardians denied the visit.

“Tragically, we are seeing an exponential increase in cases where patients are intentionally starved to death because someone has arbitrarily determined that their lives no longer have value,” stated Alexandra Snyder, Executive Director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation, and last week's guest on FOT. “Anastasia is targeted for death simply because she is disabled. But she can speak, feel pain, and fully understand what is happening to her. She is being tortured to death by health professionals who have it in their capacity to provide care and treatment.” 


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