Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Quiner's Diner blog posts Deacon Mike’s letter to the editor on the distortions of the Hobby Lobby decision

Tom Quiner
Our good friend, Tom Quiner, posted Deacon Mike’s letterto the editor of the Des Moines Register today in his great blog, Quiner’s Diner.  Tom is a social and fiscal conservative who embraces capitalism generally and supply side economics specifically. He has also been a frequent contributor to the Register.

He also believes in American exceptionalism and the American “Creed,” which declares people have fundamental rights that flow from our Creator.

Tom and his wife, Karen, founded Breakthrough Marketing. His company writes, designs, and prints brochures and collateral marketing pieces along with designing Content-Managed Websites and eMagazines.

He is also a passionate composer and playwright.  He has written and produced six musicals, all with faith-based themes including The Pope of The People, a musical based on the life of St. John Paul the Great. Check out his blog where you can subscribe for his frequent updates.

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