Monday, July 21, 2014

Assisted suicide and euthanasia next on FOT

Alex Schadenberg
One of the world-wide attacks on life is in the movement to legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia.  Currently, physician-assisted suicide is legal in five states: Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, and New Mexico. Laws permitting euthanasia are being enacted around the world. For example, Belgium which legalized euthanasia for adults 12 years ago has recently passed legislation permitting the euthanasia of terminally ill children.  And in Canada, Québec has re-introduced a bill to permit euthanasia in that province.

Tuesday, Deacon Mike and Gina Noll will discuss this world-wide danger with Alex Schadenberg, executive director and international chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. 
Don’t miss this important conversation Tuesday morning at 9 (CDT) and re-broadcast at 9 p.m. only on Iowa Catholic Radio 1150 AM; 88.5 & 94.5 and streaming at  Iowa Catholic Radio, KWKY Des Moines, Iowa, brought to you by our underwriter Attorney Rick McConville of Coppola, McConville, Coppola, Carroll, Hockenberg & Scalise PC, West Des Moines, 453-1055.

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