Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why we bring Faith on Trial to you

These are just some of the reasons why Iowa Catholic Radio brings this program to you, courtesy of our friends at the Alliance Defending Freedom:

In New York, the school board has been trying for nearly two decades to block Bronx Household of Faith from meeting in a public school building for worship services on Sundays.
In Michigan, the radical group “Bash Back” invaded Mount Hope Church and disrupted a worship service while showering the congregation with propaganda on homosexual behavior.

In Montana, Canyon Ferry Road Baptist Church faced election law charges after a volunteer passed out petitions to place a marriage amendment on the Montana ballot.
In Arizona, Gilbert city officials ordered Oasis of Truth Church to stop meeting or holding Bible studies in its pastor’s private home.

In Illinois, the City of Carlinville refused to allow Carlinville Southern Baptist Church to use a building it had purchased for worship services.
In Louisiana, a federal contractor ordered Calvary Baton Rouge Church to stop feeding people left homeless by Hurricane Katrina because the group offered a voluntary prayer service and Bible study.

In New Jersey, the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights issued a complaint against the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association of the United Methodist Church for not allowing a “civil union” ceremony at their worship pavilion for people practicing homosexual behavior.
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