Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Obama administration okays abortion pill for girls of all ages

The Obama administration is dropping a legal challenge to a judge’s order and will allow sale of the Plan B One Step “morning after pill” over the counter. Any minor girl who has reached the age of fertility – possibly 11 years old or younger – will be able to purchase the drug without a prescription or parental notification. This ends a multi-year effort by pro-abortion lobbyists to make the potentially abortifcient pill readily available.

Earlier a federal district court judge had ruled that the morning after pill must be made available over-the-counter to girls of all ages. The administration appealed the ruling, while lowering the age girls may purchase the abortion-inducing drug to 15. In 2011, Obama had suggested that restricting Plan B to those 17 years old and older was "common sense."
Some questioned what motivated the administration's half-hearted appeal of the judge's decision in the first place. “We can’t help but wonder why the Obama administration is suddenly concerned with women’s health, when every other move it has made has been in favor of unrestricted abortion and contraception – even going so far as to force those with religious and moral objections to pay for them,” said Father Shenan Boquet, the president of Human Life International, according to LifeSiteNews.

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