Monday, June 5, 2017

City bans farmer for traditional marriage beliefs; Iowa PP closings show reason to defund abortion giant

Can a city ban a farmer from its farmer’s market who believes in traditional marriage? The City of East Lansing, Michigan, has banned Steve Tennes and Country Mill Farms, his family’s fruit orchard, from participating in the city’s farmer’s market because, in response to a question on Tennes’ Facebook page he said he believes in traditional marriage.  Shortly after that post, the city banned him from participation in the market. (See video posted in this blog).

Kate Anderson
ADF Counsel
Tuesday we will have his attorney, Kate Anderson, legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom. She is a key member of the Center for Conscience Initiatives. Since joining ADF in 2015, Anderson has focused on protecting the conscience rights of individuals being unjustly compelled to forfeit their beliefs under threat of commercial retaliation, heavy fines, or punishment.
After that we’ll turn to a recent Washington Examiner report that Planned Parenthood closings in Iowa show why the abortion machine should be defunded. PP’s latest annual report shows that while total number of women served are down, the number of abortions are up.
Deanna Wallace
Staff Counsel AUL
Here to discuss that with us will be Deanna Wallace, staff counsel with Americans United for Life. At AUL she works directly with legislators to assist their efforts to protect mothers and their unborn infants from abortion industry abuses. She consults with state and federal legislators, provides testimony in favor of life-affirming legislation and creates strategic legal tools to advance life in the law. Prior to joining AUL’s team, Deanna was Legislative Director for Louisiana Right to Life, where she helped pass legislation establishing Louisiana as one of the most pro-life states in America.
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