Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Farewell to Gina … Thanks for all you have done; you made our show great!

Gina Noll 
Today we had to bid farewell to our co-host, Gina Noll. Gina first appeared on FOT in October of 2013 when the show went live; for the first four months of the program it was taped in interview segments and the editing staff put it together in a half-hour format. When the show was moved from its weekend taped format to Tuesday morning live, Gina joined Deacon Mike Manno and served as co-host until today. During that time we have broadcast 175 different weekly shows, not including special broadcasts including the twice yearly Car-a-thons. She has made a big difference to the structure and make-up of FOT, all to the good. But all things apparently must come to an end. Gina’s family and employment demands have been increasing and she asked to be let out of her responsibilities at Iowa Catholic Radio. We will miss her; she was a valuable part of FOT and the radio station and made both better as a result of her efforts. God bless you, Gina, and may He keep you and your family safe and happy in the coming days.

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