Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What we face with doctor prescribed death and euthanasia

These are a few notes about cases that have come to us from the Life Legal Defense Foundation. Life Legal has been interviewed on our program several times and its attorneys work free. Life Legal more recently was instrumental in the defense of the Planned Parenthood undercover video producer, David Daleiden, in his efforts to expose the sale of aborted baby body parts.

Here are the notes:

Last week we heard from the girlfriend of a 31-year-old man who suffered lack of oxygen after a heart attack. Just 24 hours after the incident, the hospital met with the family and pressured them to donate the young man’s organs. When the family objected, wanting to give their loved one more time to recover, the hospital told them their decision was “selfish.” Since then, the young man has become increasingly responsive. His CAT scan and EEG clearly show brain activity. When the hospital discusses his “quality of life” and terminating his care—i.e., starving and dehydrating him to death—the man becomes agitated. We are fighting to make sure he continues to receive appropriate care, including food and water.

On the same day, we received a call from the daughter of an elderly man who is in the ICU at a prestigious hospital in California. He is intubated and cannot speak for himself, but he is alert and responds to his family. Recently, the hospital informed the family that they would soon stop providing food and water and transition the elderly man to “comfort care,” which means giving him morphine until he dies. The family was appalled and prohibited the hospital from making changes to his treatment.  The hospital told them “We don’t need your permission to withdraw care.” A Life Legal attorney went to court the following day and obtained a court order requiring the hospital to maintain the man’s nutrition, hydration, and any other care he needs.

Life Legal continues to represent the family of Joe Williams,* a young man in his thirties who suffered a brain injury after he had trouble breathing while in the ER. We obtained a court order keeping Joe alive, but this has been a highly contentious case. At our last hearing, Jon Isenberg, who represented Michael Schiavo in the lawsuit to end Terri Schiavo’s life, showed up to consult with the other side. An attorney from the pro forced death group “Compassion and Choices” was also present. These lawyers do not care about Joe. They simply want to further an agenda requiring that people with certain disabilities be killed.

You can make a tax deductable contribution to help Life Legal in its efforts to promote life by clicking on this link.

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