Monday, September 19, 2016

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Disguised Socialism of Saul Alinsky, An EWTN documentary – Next FOT

In 1971 Socialist community organizer Saul Alinsky wrote the book, Rules for Radicals, dedicated to Lucifer, as a how-to for Socialist community organizing. The influence of that book has influenced the thinking of many of today’s political leaders, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as spawning left-wing organizations such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy (AMOS), and the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), among others.
This week (Wednesday 9.m.; Thursday at noon; and Saturday at 5 p.m.) EWTN will broadcast a 60 minute docu-drama, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Disguised Socialism of Saul Alinisky, a profile of Alinsky’s influence on society in general and the Church in particular.
Joining us Tuesday for a discussion of Alinisky’s legacy will be Stephanie Block, author of several books on Alinsky, including Organizing the Culture of Death (link on the side), and the four-volume Change Agents: Alinskyian Organizing among Religious Bodies. Stephanie
Stephanie Block
served as consultant for the film and appears in it. She is also the author of the recent article on last week’s topic, “George Soros and Churches on the Same Page.” She is a Spero News Columnist and edits the New Mexico-based Los Pequeňos deCristo.
Stephanie is married and the mother of seven children, one of whom is a Catholic priest, and one daughter who is a Dominican, four are married and she has 19 grandchildren.
Join Deacon Mike Manno and Gina Noll Tuesday at 9 a.m. (Central) on Iowa Catholic Radio 1150 AM; 88.5 and 94.5 FM and streaming on for an interesting discussion of the Alinsky legacy. Not only will we have a discussion of the politics of Saul Alinsky, we’ll have a review of the film by our research associate Stephanie Crowley. The program will be re-broadcast at 9 p.m. and podcasts of earlier programs can be found here.
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  1. I beg everyone to watch the Saturday rebroadcast of this program.It is frightening how close this monstrous plan is about to be realized. Deplorable and irredeemable Americans be warned.

  2. Is there a simple link that can be shared on "a wolf in sheep's...?"

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