Monday, August 29, 2016

This week on FOT: A special report on the Fairfield, Iowa transgender policy and how well it is (not) working

The Obama Administration’s immoral student restroom policy and how it affects a local school will be the topic of a special edition of Faith On Trial this week.

Drew Zahn
For those who are not familiar with the latest assault on Christian values, it involves a rule that schools must open their locker rooms, restrooms, and overnight accommodations to students on the basis of their “gender identity” and not their actual gender. The rule requires only that a student claim identification with another sex – no medical or psychological testing required – and that the school NOT inform the child’s parents. Thus a teen-aged boy would be permitted to shower with the girls by simply telling a teacher that he identifies as a girl.  
We have reported on several cases around the country but there is one brewing locally in Fairfield, Iowa and our friends at The Family Leader have taken a leadership role in reporting its affects on that community. This week we will have as our guest Drew Zahn, a former news editor and reporter for WorldNetDaily who is now director of communications for The Family Leader, and who has written a scathing no-holds-barred investigative report on the Fairfield situation – a report that the mainstream media has and will continue to ignore.  
The report can be found here. You can find out what you can do about this poisonous rule by following this link.
Thirteen states have brought suit against the federal government over this rule and last week a federal judge in Texas enjoined the government from enforcing the rule in the states that have brought the suit. Iowa was not one of the states and thus the ruling does not apply here.
You’ll want to join Deacon Mike Manno, Gina Noll, and Drew for this special edition discussion of the problems this rule is causing in Fairfield and for other news of interest to people of faith.
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