Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More abortion horror stories

After yesterday’s program with Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, I received an e-mail
Abby Johnson
from a listener involved in pro-life activities here in Des Moines.  She told me about a person she later helped who had a prior abortion.  The woman, she wrote, “coded during the abortion - then seized on the abortion table and not only did PP never call 911 (telling her boyfriend they didn't want alarm the other patients) but they never gave her a directive to go see a doctor to get checked out.”

And they say they only want to help women!

In other abortion news, LifeSiteNews is reporting that police recently had to break-up a fight between a 15-year old girl and her mother inside a Bedford Heights, Ohio Planned Parenthood clinic.  The mother was apparently trying to force the daughter to have an abortion that the girl did not want; the daughter wanted to keep her baby.

Another 15-year old girl was reportedly locked inside an abortion facility when she and her mother changed their minds about going through with the abortion. Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic manager, and now a pro-life activist and founder of the group And Then There Were None, received text messages from the girl, who said she was locked inside a room at Buffalo Women’s Services.

Reports of forced abortion are common especially for young girls who see no clear option. In one prominent example from 2000, Florida mother Glenda Dianne Dowis pointed a gun at her 16-year old daughter while taking her to an abortion clinic.  Dowis was later sentenced to two years community service for her actions.

Last October, a Pennsylvania judge dropped charges against a mother who police said beat her daughter in the abdomen when the girl refused to have an abortion.

-- Deacon Mike

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