Monday, August 19, 2013

Dacus & PJI blast Christie for signing gay therapy bill

“Governor Christie (R-NJ) is no friend of free speech,” said Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) in response to the Governor's decision to sign a bill outlawing therapy for minors seeing professional help for unwanted same-sex-attraction.

PJI filed the first of two lawsuits against a nearly identical bill in California. PJI obtained a preliminary injunction in December 2012, and the law is currently on hold because of the serious free speech and religious freedom restrictions it imposes.

Dacus, a frequent guest on Faith on Trail, also noted that in addition to free speech and religious freedom issues, one of the major flaws of this bill is that—like the California one—it is based on LGBT activist pressure and not scientific outcomes. “The question here isn't if sexuality comes from birth or not; the question is 'Should we allow the government to restrict religious and constitutional freedoms because a forceful LGBT lobby says we should?' The answer to that question is a resounding 'No!'”

This is not the first time that Gov. Christie has drawn the ire of religious freedom advocates. In 2011 PJI criticized Gov. Christie for siding with LGBT activists over free speech concerns. Gov. Christie suggested a teacher should be fired for posts on her personal Facebook page that were deemed unsupportive of LGBT history month.

Legal challenges to the new bill are likely. If the California litigation is any indication, it could be bottled up in court for months to come, delaying implementation. 

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