Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coming up on our next program: Free speech for Christian witness? And what is going on behind those clinic doors?

On this week’s program: What happens when a public university employee publically states her opposition to gay marriage? She gets fired for it, of course! That case is now headed for the Supreme Court and we’ll have her attorney, Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center, on the next edition of “Faith on Trial.” Also, we’ll have Attorney Dana Cody, president and executive director of Life Legal Defense Foundation, on the attempts to keep a Birmingham, Alabama abortion clinic from re-opening.  The clinic had been closed by state authorities but the abortionist is back, but now he’s claiming his is only a “medical” clinic. And the clinic owner claims she had nothing to do with the clinic, but her car seems parked there a lot.  Check us out on Iowa Catholic Radio!

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